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WhatsApp has now become one of the important parts of our daily life. This very popular instant messaging app for smart phones is used by millions of people in all over the globe. This app lets you share images, video, user location and audio media messages from one smart phone to another instantly over internet which is essentially the main reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp, so people fell very easy to use this app to send messages, images, videos etc to friends or to any other easily.

1.Whatsapp Tricks

Step 1 : Open WhatsApp Web on the above mentioned browsers (logout if you have logged in, or choose the other browser).

Step 2 : Take your friend’s phone. Open Whatspp. Click Menu > Whatsapp Web

Step 3 : You would see the camera has turned on. Direct the camera towards the screen, and wait till the QR Code is detected.

Step 4 : Voila !! You have full access to your friend’s Whatsapp, forever ! Literally (unless he finds out and logs out from his phone).

Note : You will be connected to the Whatsapp account, only when your friend is online !

2.Whatsapp Tricks

Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account :

If you have been blocked on WhatsApp by someone and if you want to unblock yourself without letting him know , then there are two methods by which you can easily unblock yourself form anyone’s WhatsApp account .

I have tried both the methods and today i will share both of the methods with you :-

STEP 1 :Open WhatsApp on your device

STEP 2 :Go to settings

STEP 3 :Hit on the Account Tab

STEP 4 :Now Enter your Phone number and Click on delete my account

STEP 5 :Now open App manager in phone setting

STEP 6 :Locate Whats App and uninstall the same

STEP 7 :Once the app is completely uninstalled from your device , restart your device/phone

STEP 8 :Now open Play Store and install whats app again

STEP 9 :Once fresh installation is completed open the app.

STEP 10 :Now enter the data required like mobile no ( your phone number ) , OTP etc to start the app .

STEP 11 :Its done , now you can start texting the user who blocked you in his/her account as you have been unblocked from his/her Whats App account

3.Whatsapp Tricks

Step 1. When you receive an incoming message notification, DO NOT OPEN THE APP. Instead, go to your settings and turn on “Airplane Mode.”

Step 2. With your networks all turned off (i.e. “Airplane Mode” on), open the app, open the conversation, and read to your heart’s content.

Step 3. When you’re done reading, close the app completely, turn your networks back on, and use your phone per usual. The sender won’t see the ticks turn blue until you open WhatsApp AGAIN.

4.Whatsapp Tricks

Step 1. You can STAR mark any important message. It helps to find that marked one, amidst all those long chat conversations without again again tapping on “Load Earlier Messages”, by tapping on the three vertical dots and going to the starred messages.

Step 2. In Settings -> Notifications -> Popup Notification, you can chose ‘Always show Popup’ to directly reply to the incoming messages without opening WhatsApp.

Step 3. You can also check who have read your message in a group chat, by selecting that particular message and clicking on the ‘ i ‘ button near to the Bin button on the top right side of the screen.

Step 4. You can search any word, conversed with any one whether it may be some contact name or some chat conversation word, from the Search Icon (magnifying glass) located two left of the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Step 5. You can save anyone’s profile photo by fully opening that profile pic and tapping on the Share button on the top right corner, there you will be getting ‘Save to Gallery’ option.

Step 6. If you are a WhatsApp Call user on a low speed network (2g) or running low on data pack, then you can reduce the amount of data consumed during a WhatsApp call by ticking on the ‘Low Data Usage’ in Chats and Calls column in Settings.

Step 7. You can also hide your last seen tag by unticking the ‘Read Receipts” box in Privacy which is inside Account section in Settings.

5.Whatsapp Tricks

Trick for Hiding Media Files from Gallery

Step 1: Select the images and videos you wish to hide from the gallery

Step 2: Move them to the following folder using your file manager –

Internal Memory > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures

Voila! Its done.. check the gallery

NOTE: The internal memory folder may be named differently in different smartphones. Just make sure you move the selected images and videos to the folder where the profile pictures of your contact is saved, when you download it.

6.Whatsapp Tricks

Read Your Friends Whatsapp Chat

STEP 1:Open WhatsApp Web on your phone and load the desktop site

STEP 2:Click on whatsapp web on your friends phone and scan the QR code from the website on your phone


7.Whatsapp Tricks

Start a New Chat using 3D Touch (iPhone 6s only)

Thanks to iPhone 6s’ latest 3D Touch feature, you can start a new chat or search through chats directly from WhatsApp’s icon on the homescreen. You just need to force touch on the WhatsApp icon and you will get the options of “New Chat” and “Search”.

8.Whatsapp Tricks


I dont know that all of you know this trick or not.
But you can extend whatsapp validity by 1 year without paying any single penny.
Just follow simple steps and u can extend whatsapp validity by 1 year from today’s date:

1) Go to settings>Account>Change number.
In this trick you have to enter new number.
i.e. My permanent no. is 9503****** having service expiration Jan 12 ,2016.
I have entered my old number as 9423******. And new no as my second sim no. 9089******.

This will deactivate your current number whatsapp account and will create new number whatsapp account.
Dont worry it will not delete any history or will not delete any Group.

Now New no. whatsapp validity will be the date of experiment i.e.today Date.

2) Now once again Go to settings>Account>Change number.
now Enter old number as new current running number and New number that is your permanent number.
Now check your whatsapp service expiration date, this will be same as your new number expiration date:


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