Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphone and Android has many good things one of the most important is Open source so it has no restriction to any user any one can use it and it’s totally free.Android OS is easy to customize and huge developer community on XDA working to create great stuff  for free and also phones are cheaper then Apple has can be affordable to common user. Android OS act like a pocket Computer Since it can read, open and play  any type of format.

Fastest Browser

One of the major advantage of android is it has Default Google Search engin on main screen and Android is an part of Google Inc. Now a days the key function of any smartphone is Browsing internet. Android browser support flash and load it faster.

Integrated Google and Social     

Android Smartphone is synchronized to Google like Google Docs for documents and Gmail for your emails it’s automatically get synchronized with your phone.Facebook and twitter for our social lives  so that you can directly update your status and comment it. It also get sync with Flickr for photo sharing it can automatically upload your photo which your phone takes to flickr.All this functions are integrated in Android OS whereas in Iphone we have to use 3rd party application .

Lets you choose your carrier

The Best thing about Android you can choose your own carrier which you thing best for your region without any restriction. Iphone support AT&T  and your region has poor AT&T Coverage then you will be struggling with Low Signal Quality and Slow data speed. Most of the countries stick to Verizon.

Unlimited Apps 

Android is having almost millions of games and apps hence android is most popular operating system .There are lots of developer for Android which are developing games and Apps .All apps are free but some are paid apps  But Saving in terms of $ it’s huge . If you buy an Apple OS and Android OS you will be spending 7 times more money on your Apple phone then Android.

Better Notification Bar

Android Notification Bar which display an icon for every notification which has been waiting. Notification can be pulled down to open and read notification . Android Notification Bar on main screen feature Emails, Battery charge, Task Manager and Facebook Notification etc….

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