Earlier I was very excited of using Facebook, But Know I’m Getting bored of using Facebook. Every New users Likes to Use Facebook but as the time passes you will get bored. Using Facebook is today’s trend where if user don’t know to use computer also will have account on Facebook.

Why Facebook is making you Boring

Facebook should be used for Limited period of Time, over timing will makes you suffer from depressed, stressed and sad. There are two main Reason for using Facebook

  • To communicate with Friends

  • To see what your friends are doing

People Use Facebook to communicate with Friends

Facebook Chat is used to communicate with you friends in which you can easily send your Photos, Videos and files.

On Facebook you can also communicated with unknown friends too which are of same Interest such as if you as geek of  listening Trance or House Music you can join groups where people will be sharing their favorite Music.

People Use Facebook to see what your friends are doing

In few days you will get addicted to Facebook and you will get interest in what your friends are doing.

You are bored and you go online to check your Facebook profile and see what your friends are up to. Just go to different groups of your Interest and see different pictures, videos and different status from your friends.

You will get Interest in your friends update and you will know what your friends are doing. While reading other people status you will think that your friends have very cool life with no tension, but remember every person has his own tension. In this you will think that there is something wrong in your Life and your life is boring.

In my opinion stop Using Facebook, If you want you can use it for few hours.

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