Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Platform introduce many new features for users and developer . Fastest version of Android yet In Android 2.3 we focus on optimizing performance and Tools for game development, Multimedia, Communication etc. Experience the best performance for games with high graphics and Lots of Apps.

New User Interface simple and fastest

User Interface must be easier to learn and faster to use every new user must know how to use it and given input should get response within fraction of seconds.User Interface should be power efficient so that it can be used for long period of time. In Android 2.3  there are lots of changes in Menus and Setting make it easier for user interface to navigate and control all features of device.


One of the main feature of Android 2.3  most of the user uses Android just for Games and Apps. There are more then thousands of games available with good graphics .In  Android 2.3  they have enhanced the gaming Performance such as concurrent garbage Collector which minimizes game application pause to ensure smooth animation . Faster event distribution and Updated video drivers .

Native Input and Sensors so that you can enjoy motion sensor games such as car racing, Dies games etc. It will sense the motion without any touch.Enjoy all sensor games , Graphics Management  and Robust native development environment .

Keyboard  Interface

The Keyboard display current character and dictionary suggestion to make it easier to read and type. As a user enter the word which he had already entered then keyboard will suggest those word which are already being enter by the user so this will save user time.Some key are reshaped and redesign for good interface .Multi-touch support key chording let the user quickly enter number and symbols.

New Forms Of  Communication

NFC(Near Field Communication) is one of the best feature which as been introduced in Android 2.3  . Using NFC API ,  application can read and response to NFC tags, Read message and store message prompting the user needs.You will be able to scan information from items and then buy them through your Android 2.3  device without any debit or credit card .

Internet Telephony Android 2.3 support SIP protocol stack and integrated call management service so that you can easily set up Incoming and Outgoing Voice Calls .

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