Advantage you both look at singles and feels they are so unlucky and disadvantage is you look at couples and their activities and feel how lucky you are 🙂

Why you Should not have Girlfriend
10 Reasons Why you Should not have Girlfriend

1. Save time: 
The crux of this discussion is time. Basically, you’ll be saving a lot of time. Time you can judiciously spend on a wide range of activities. Time which you can put to use at your own discretion.
You’ll not be bound by having to spend time with her even when you’d have wanted otherwise.

2. Save money: 
For an engineering student, money is a crunch territory. He is always running out of it no matter how much he has. The function determining the rate at which you spend money is directly proportional to the amount you have. The more you have, the more extravagant you tend to be. And, when you have a girlfriend, it’s like you’re in charge of feeding a lil family of two people for all the supplies. You support the lives of the two of you (:P).
Mobile recharges, dining out, getting her cycle repaired, furnishing for her xerox notes before exam, responding to her missed calls by calling back (and screwing up your own balance), buying stuff for her from the local store (and, you dare not take the money even if she offers: you have, basically, reached a deadlock of some sorts) — in all of these unfortunate situations, the joke’s on you.

3. Deal with less emotional torture: 
She’ll ask you questions which have no safe answers.
“Baby, how do I look in black?”
“Why do you love me?”
“What would you rate me on attractiveness on a scale of 0-10?”
“Do I look fat today?”
There is no straightforward answer to any of these. They’ll make you think and you are still mostly going to be screwed once you have answered. Your partner would bewilder you sometimes by getting upset for reasons not within the scope of any logical explanation. You’ll have to get to the bottom of the problem……looking for anything you might have said or done in the recent times that could have caused it. Mindless stuff. Seriously!

4. Worry about one less thing, focus on other important stuff :
When you don’t have a girlfriend, you can channelize your focus towards other fundamental issues in life.
-Read a book
-Work out
-Play a sport
-Learn to play an instrument
There’s so much to do and so little time.

5. Not obliged to do favors:

You won’t have to do odd or rather petty favors for her.
For instance, you won’t have to
-Help her with studies
-Help her with installing a software/formatting a pen drive/extracting files from winzip/torrent downloading
-Accompany her wherever she wants you to
-Answering whatever she asks

6. If u don’t have a girlfriend, she can’t dump You :

Ishq Mohabbat Dhoka Hai,
Padhle Beta Mauka Hai.

7. Live freestyle: 
You are free to live life the way you want to without giving a flying fuck about what a “special someone” might think.

-Dress like anything: shorts to the college function and the likes.
-Look like anything: maybe clumsy or shabby, or wear that pink t-shirt you always wanted to.
-Bathe once in any number of days: Courtesy–Deodorant.

8. Spend more time with friends and family:
Make memories and lasting friends.
Spend time with your wingies and other college buddies.
Talk. Play sports together. LAN gaming. Bond with them.
Also, you get to talk more often to your family people.
Stable life where you can think logically. 🙂

9.  Having a girlfriend is hot, not having a girlfriend is automatically cool, and every one loves to be a cool guy.

10. Enjoy Life with friends and Family

Sleep Well and Enjoy Your Life, Spend More Time with your mom, dad, sis or grandpa instead of a girlfriend. You will be wasting your childhood and youth blood just waiting for the bloody phone to ring. Use your Youth Blood to do some Productive Work and secure your future.


  1. Nice one dude,I am a medical student and I can too relate to it…having a girlfriend is a curse for me cause I don’t have time for unproductive things.

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