Most of Users are running on Windows Operating system, So Run Commands are Used to open your Application or System Configuration Like IP Address or MAC Address of your Computer.

Windows Run Commands

NOTE :- Go to  Windows Start menu, Then go to Run OR (Windows Key + R)

  • ipconfig :- This command will display information on your computer’s ID address.
  • ipconfig /all :- This command is used to display all your IP information for all adapters. With ipconfig /all you can also find out your DNS Server and MAC Address.
  • ipconfig /release :- This command is used  to release your current IP information and obtain a new IP Address from the DHCP server.
  • netstat :-  This command is used to view your active network connections and TCP/IP connections.
  • %programfiles% :- This command will open your Program files folder directly no matter on which drive Windows is installed on your computer. It is better than opening Windows Explorer and then navigating to the folder manually.
  • %userprofile% :- This command will open the user profile directory for the particular user. You can access your picture, music, videos and other personal folders easily from here.
  • firewall.cpl :- This command takes you right into Windows Firewall. By using this command you can quickly disable or enable firewall.
  • netplwiz :-This command is useful for a multi-user computer. Administrator can directly open User Account advance configuration and configure any account they would like. Other users, however, can edit and change their personal account preferences.
  • write :- This command will open the default Windows Wordpad.
  • msinfo32 :- This command is the easiest way to see your computer’s complete system info. Here you can find all the hardware and software information.
  • calc :- This command open calculator, that’s save your time to find your calculator.
  • wuapp :- This command will open the Windows Update Manager. You can install and configure your Windows updates form here.
  • regedit :- This command will allow you to edit your registry.

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