WiFi network is an wireless network so that you can use Internet without any Cables connected to your device. To create WiFi network we require Routers and Modems. Mostly If you are having Internet Connection to your Computer and you want to share that Internet Connection with your Smartphone which are enable with WiFi connectivity, Then here is the procedure to convert your Internet connection in WiFi network.virtual-wifi

NOTE 1 :- Make Sure that you are Having High Speed Internet Connection.

NOTE 2:- Make sure that your computer is enable with wireless network adapter.

How To Create an ad-hoc network in  Windows 7

STEP 1:- Click on Start and Go to Control Panel

STEP 2:- Now Select “Network and Internet” and Select Option “Networking and Sharing Center”

STEP 3:- Select “Setup a new connection or network”  and Go to “Set up an ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network”

STEP 4:-  Choose the name of your network and give password.

How To Create WiFi network on  Windows 7

Once You have Successfully done with the Above Steps, follow the below Steps

STEP 1:- Download Virtual Router Software for free

STEP 2:- Run and Setup a Password to your Network

You have successfully Created your Wireless Network (WiFi) on Windows 7.

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