Every Guy wants to be a coolest boyfriend ever so here are some of the qualities on your behalf every Boyfriend should have to be a best boyfriend and keep long term relationship. Every girl wants a guy, who will hugs her when they’re watching a scary movie, who gives her his jacket even when he himself is feeling cold, who will always be the one to make her laugh and most importantly he will love her for who she is.

In life, all you need is love, unconditional love. A man who can do that is definitely the one. Maybe someone who let’s you sleep all day and treats u with a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning. A man who is not afraid to accept you in front of the world. A man who does not fake and stays true to you even when you are thousands of kilometres away. Frankly speaking this type of guys you won’t find in real world those are just imaginary. Even if you search this type of guys in google you will get “no result found”.

love your girlfriend

He is your biggest fan

Your boyfriend is always the first one to congratulate you when you achieve something, though it may seem trivial to the rest of the world. He also delivers the good news to the close ones! He may not be carrying a pair of pompoms with him, but he knows how to make you feel really special.

Even when you are going through a rough patch, he will still be very proud of you. He will try his level best to cheer you up. He will always make you feel like a superstar.

He is your champion!

It’s not a bird or a plane or even Superman! He is a normal guy who also happens to be a superhero! You may also call him an angel in disguise! Whenever someone does or even thinks of harming you or hurting your feelings, he switches his Hulk mode on.

You can trust him blindly!

Not just that, he trusts you too and that is what makes him the best boyfriend ever! Since he is such a loving person, many girls get attracted to him. You do get jealous occasionally, but at the end of the day, you know that no matter how many women admire him, he is your one and only. No one can ever take him away from you!

He appreciates the things you do for him

You are not required to give him presents on every month-anniversary or your first-kiss anniversaries! You love doing things for him instead, and he really acknowledges and appreciates that. For the littlest of things you do for him, he is genuinely grateful. He tells you how cute the surprise is or how thoughtful it was of you to cook him his favorite meal on his birthday. You may not find yourself beautiful, but when he looks at you, he makes you feel like the loveliest girl who ever lived

Arguments are on boon

You do have fights with him, because the contrary would be quite an unrealistic expectation. However, your fights never turn into an unhealthy argument that is toxic for the bond you two share. Every conflict that you have pushes you into deep conversations, which help you make your relationship grow stronger.

He who knows how to handle you in his own unique way

Every time you fights with him, you get angry on him and gets irritated, he is who knows how to handle the situation in proper way so that again you will come back in good mood and makes you laugh and makes you enjoyable.

Life is a journey and it can be an extremely fun, fulfilling, and exciting experience if you have the right man by your side. However, finding the ideal man can be really challenging since they are a dying breed! However, if you think you have found the best boyfriend ever, compare his ways with the signs on this list to confirm whether you are right or not.

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