Woman Happy In Relationship, Every woman is different, and therefore, there cannot be a fixed set of rules by which one’s behavior towards women in general can be guided by, to make every random woman happy.

The one golden principle that a person could follow is:

Never intrude upon a woman’s freedom as long as her acting out on her free will does not intrude your freedom

I guess this rule does not apply only to women, but to every human being, and every living species. After all a woman is also an animal, right?

If you can follow this principle, you will be able to make most women:

Happy Love Relationship

Listen to Her & pay attention

Turn off the TV. Keep that mobile aside. Look at her and listen to her. Listen to what she’s trying to say. Don’t just act that you are listening. Sometimes all you need to do is listen. Make her feel good. You may not necessarily give opinions. Just listen.

Even she needs space, Give her that

Just like you need space, she needs her space too. Allow her to spend time by herself. That doesn’t mean, she’s unhappy with you. Encourage her to persue her hobbies & indulge in activities she likes.

Be loyal

Having an honest relationship helps. If you are in a relationship, be loyal to her. Don’t cheat.

Don’t take her for granted

Don’t ignore things she does for you. Tell her you recognize all the efforts she’s putting in for you and thank her for that. or at least mention you realise her efforts. In short, acknowledge things she does for you.

Treat her well

Nothing specific to woman, whoever you are with, if you treat them well, they’ll be happy & will eventually  acknowledge your gester. Respect her. 

Give Compliment

Who doesn’t love compliments? So does she!

Be a game

Did she just suggested a weekend trip? A dinner? Just go for it. Laundry? Help her.


Not too sure! Gifts can make her happy too. Just make sure you get what she likes.

If you can follow this principle, you will be able to make most women:

  • feel independent
  • feel secure
  • feel cared for
  • feel loved
  • laugh
  • feel supported
  • feel valued

Of course you cannot make every woman happy. For some women, good looks are a must to be happy. Some women cannot compromise on money. Very few people can be beyond such materialistic thresholds of all women.

Every Woman Wants From a Man To Keep Her Happy

1) This is the most important rule. Talk about everything that’s important. Always ask her what she means. Always tell her what you mean. Make sure to know what she likes, and make sure she knows what you like.

2) Make a word for just the two of you, that means you’re serious. There’s a nice Mormon family who made a vlog channel on Youtube. They introduced me to that concept. Their word is “no shakin”. It means that right now they’re saying what they mean, and mean what they say.

3) Listen to her. Let her talk. Women need to emote. If they see you as the best option to show feelings, it shows complete trust, and makes the relationship much stronger. (which leads to happiness) When I say this, I mean actually listen. To everything. Make sure you care about what she’s saying.

4) Show your love. It seems sticky and gooey, but us men don’t understand how much women need that. (it can be a kiss, it can be a hug. It can be a gift. Anything)

5) Make yourself an environment that is a cycle, and repeats itself, but do lots of things to try and break it. It makes you seem spontaneous but stable at the same time. Even men need this.

6) The thing that is in common with all of these, is that it must be real. You have to care. If you can’t be completely genuine, fake it, ’til you make it.

  • Respect her as an individual instead of faking your respect just because she’s a woman
  • Think twice how it will affect her before saying anything at your will
  • Mean it when you say words like I love you
  • Prove it when you say you are concerned about her
  • Value her presence in your life instead of taking her for granted
  • Understand her point of view before judging her
  • Care and caress her as your mom would for you
  • Love and pamper her like her dad

Rules of keeping a woman happy

  • Listen them when they speak.
  • Trust them when they say something to you.
  • Give space to everyone.
  • Let them take there own decisions.
  • Do everything what u like. No matter male or female.
  • Never lie.
  • When u r happy u keep everyone happy.
  • Wish them but not on phone or text meet personally.
  • Always have caring nature but not possessive .
  1. Talk to her- spend time with her, know her better, understand what she wants,try to do things that keeps her happy.
  2. Talk to her- know what she doesnt like, never dare to do those for your safety, security and peace.

Finally talk to her. Your time for her matters more than anything else on the planet.

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