If you love nature and greenery,  then you must visit Goa in the monsoons. During this season Goa is GREEN. Like everywhere you go you will see greenery. Also, the rains in Goa are heavy and getting wet in the rains is one of the best feelings ever.

Visit in the monsoons, all the waterfalls in Goa, specially Dudhsagar. Also on the Maharashtra-Goa border, there’s a ghat called Amboli Ghat. Must visit place in July-August. Also the Dona Paula jetty, Huge waves dash against the jetty.

Goa is a nature lover’s paradise in a monsoon! Goa is wet, green and needless to say, beautiful.

pros and cons of visiting Goa during monsoon season

1. It’s the offseason so hotel rooms will be cheaper.
2. If you’re a romantic, this is a place to come to with your partner.

1. Other than going to waterfalls, trekking if you plan on sightseeing or roaming around its not the right time. It rains heavily almost every day. Also, all the shacks on beaches are shut down during this time.
2. If you love eating fish your in for some disappointment. There’s a fishing ban for a month in July/August so you won’t get to eat fish during this time.

Visit Goa in the monsoons to explore the countryside. The forests and trek routes are lush green and bountiful with nature’s delights.  Waterfalls are torrential, especially the Dudhsagar waterfalls. You can go on short day-treks as well. You can also visit the countryside Goa with its small hills, ghats that are dotted with waterfalls. 

goa in monsoon season
goa monsoon season

In Monsoon weather is a lot cooler in goa. Avoid going to beaches, unless you like watching the waves crash into the seashore. Goa has much more to offer than just the beach! It’s especially beautiful during monsoon time from June to September, when nature flourishes, the rain brings refreshment and romance, and Goa takes on a more traditional flavor.

The beach shacks are taken down in May and don’t go up again until the end of October/ beginning of November. Just a few are built on the private ground slightly off the beach and some of those may still be open if they’re far enough back from the monsoon tides.  

Reason why I love visiting Goa during monsoon season

  1. Affordable – With fewer tourists, the hotels become cheaper and you can stay at a very good hotel for a lot lesser than in peak season.
  2. Food – Goa is known for seafood and you will get the fresh catch, this time of the season.
  3. Less crowd – If you like that, that is.
  4. Better photographs – Rains also produce better pics, so click away.
  5. The journey – Depending on where are you coming from, try to take the train and feast your eyes.

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