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A daily recommended value is what an average person on an average diet is supposed to consume. Those values are only as good as the current scientific measuring methods and labelling laws.

  1. You can’t change the label for each batch of a product, so the values on the label are not exact but within a certain margin of error which varies from country to country. So when a label says your food contains 60% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C, it could be anywhere from 55-65% without breaking any laws (maybe even more depending on where you live).
  2. No matter how you measure the nutritional content of a food (or anything else for that matter), there is always a certain level of error in the result.
  3. If you’re a top athlete, you’ll need more calories than an average person and suddenly those labelled values are no longer correct.

15 Tips to lose weight

1. Eggs are magical. Cheapest source of good protein there is. 3-4 eggs a day if you can.

2. Fats are not bad for you, so dont bother with ‘low fat’ anything. you pay more for nothing helpful.  ‘low fat’ is marketing for “we put more hidden sugar in it so its really not better for you, and we hope to fool you with that now-discredited FDA advice to avoid all fats.” This includes paying more for ‘skinless chicken’. enjoy the chicken!

3. organic/shmorganic. Its the same when it gets to you whether its ‘organic’ spinach or kale or regular. But get SOME fresh veggies and fruits.
Frozen is 2nd best to fresh, eg frozen green beans and the like.

4. Dont drink calories. Stop all sodas. drink unsweetened tea instead, and lots of water.

5. “Stop eating meat and dairy” is terrible advice. chicken and dairy is cheap good protein. Chicken, eggs, milk. salmon is great too, and found canned salmon at $1.60/15oz at Sam’s. great deal.

6. When it comes to chicken, buy a WHOLE chicken, you can cook it for the meat, save the bones, then boil the bones to make chicken broth, good for soups and/or gravy. Makes what you bought go farther and the broth is goood for you.

7. cheap fruits like apples and bananas and other fruits when on sale or in season.

8. What you DONT buy or eat: No junk food, no desserts, no salty/sugary snacks. yes, you can have snacks, but make your snacks a piece of fruit or peanut butter on celery or a cracker.

9. Dont ever eat out. Especially fast food.  healthier and saves money. Probably the only cost-effect item out there is a big mac without the unhealthy fries and soda. 1000 calories or so for a few bucks.

10. Eat Good fats. Get a big jar of olive oil and use it on salads. take an omega-3 pill each day (10c/day).  Fats fill you up better, and olive oil is especially good. have salads. making your own olive oil and vinegar salad dressing is healthiest dressing and saves $.

11. For some, eating beans is cheap and good protein/’slow carb’ combo.

12. Carbs / wheat /cereal / potatoes in moderation. e.g. limit to 1/2 a bagel or 1/2 a potatoe in a meal, or a SMALL amount of rice or pasta. It’s the huge loads that get you sleepy in 2 hrs, trigger insulin spikes, and add pounds.

13. To that end, SMALLER PORTIONS and no seconds goes a long way.

14. Do a light workout before each big meal also fights the glycemic loading.

15. Drink a lot of water. Yes, I’m saying it twice. Do it more.

How to lose weight in 7 days

First of all, in order to lose your weight,try to cut down your Calories intake to some extent in every meal you take and also i would suggest you to join a gym and start doing some Cardio and weight loss exercises which in turn will add up for your journey of losing some of your weight.

Avoid using Butter or ghee with food.

Replace tea with Green Tea.

Have proper meal at proper intervals of time and maintain the consistency.

Eat a high-protein breakfast.

Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.

Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.

Cut Back on Sugars and Starches

Get a good night’s sleep, every night.

Do follow the above mentioned diet and you will surely reduce your weight to normal.

N also the Healthy Diet plan followed by me (or to be followed) as per my daily routine :

Early Morning

Lukewarm Water with Lemon 1 glass (Honey/Coriander)


Tea without Sugar (Preferably Green Tea) + 2-3 Biscuits

Usual breakfast which should contain equal proportionate amount of proteins, carbs or fats(if required),oat meals with Brown Bread or Upma 1 plate + Milk 1 cup..


Rice 1 cup (approx 195 gm) + Mixed Vegetables 1/2 cup + Salad 1 bowl + Raita 1 small bowl and i also include 0.5 Kgs of Chicken with the rice.


Butter Milk OR Some fruit Juice or Fruit bowl (with almost all the essential fruits)


2 Rotis (or rice) + Vegetable Soup 1 bowl + Salad 1 bowl.

Thank You.

Hope this Helps ..! If Yes then please reply in comments

Healthy Diet choices that are actually bad

In short, you can trust the daily values approximately if you know how much you personally need. Don’t trust the label blindly — but don’t be scared about trusting it either. Secondly. “Everything in moderation” is a good motto to live by. Unless you take moderation to the extreme and starve yourself, there’s little chance that such an approach will have any negative effect on you.

What really irritates me is hearing about diets that:

  1. Restrict calories – this is a big mistake if you want to loose weight. Most probably you’ll gain all the lost weight(and more) back or experience an eating disorder after following such a program.
  2. Contain bad cooked food such as processed or fried. I am a bit picky when it comes to food. I read regularly ingredient lists and as soon as there are compounds which I never heard, are badly explained or seem too complex I tend to put the “food” away. Furthermore, I dislike destroying the value of fresh food (like plants) by cooking them in a bad way.
  3. Are a trend. I don’t like to judge but my life models have always been normal people, not celebrities, therefore I always doubt when they suggest the perfect diet, the perfect workout, the perfect anti-age skin cream and so on. 80% is pure marketing!
  4. Are suggested by an obese nutrition specialist or obese person. If that diet would be the ultimate solution, the person who suggested it would have tried (and succeeded) it on himself first.
  5. Are egoistic – imply the sacrifice of another being to please my hunger. Here I might be very subjective but I found myself asking how is it possible that with such a lot of information out there, people still kill animals and eat their dead flesh???

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