Is it possible to jump from moon to earth ? You may believe because of moon’s weak gravity, it maybe possible, but its not. Moon is much smaller than earth so Moons gravity is less than earth’s about 1/6 of earths gravity, so assuming you can get your body to have the same kinetic energy on the moon as you can on earth, you would only be able to jump 6 times higher than you can on earth.

Is it possible to jump from moon to earth ?

That is not enough to escape moon’s gravitational pull.To escape moon’s gravity, We need to reach moon’s escape velocity, Escape velocity is the speed that an object needs to be traveling to break free of a planet or moon’s gravity well and leave it without further propulsion. For example, a spacecraft leaving the surface of Earth needs to be going 7 miles per second, or nearly 25,000 miles per hour to leave without falling back to the surface or falling into orbit.

Our moon’s escape velocity is 2.38 km/sec, so it’s impossible to achieve that in a jump. But let’s say even if you do manage to jump off to space .The distance between moon and earth is an average of 238,855 miles (384,400 km) away. It will take really good accuracy to make that jump, if you miss even a tiny bit you will stuck in the cold void of space.

Finally if you did manage to get and to the earth ,by the time you hit the earth’s upper atmosphere you would have accelerated to a speed close to 25,000 miles per hour. There is no way that a parachute could safely slow you down to allow you to land on the earth safely. So it’s nearly impossible to jump from moon to earth. But If you jumped on Comet 67P, you’d just float off into the void of space.

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