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No, Goa doesn’t have any ola/uber services. Also, taxis are quite expensive in Goa. Taxi Service from Panjim to Calangute (16km) and it cost us INR 600. So, if you want to lower your expenses then travel by bus from your airport/railway station to your destination.

Also, goa has bike/scooty/car rental systems which are very helpful for all the tourist. You can rent a scooty(say) for INR 300/day and even if you refuel it with ₹200 petrol than you will be able to travel the whole day in just INR 500.

The reason why I prefer to rent a bike over a car I because with a bike you can go anywhere but with a car you need to find a place to park it as finding a parking spot for cars if quite difficult in goa. (especially near the cities) , the second reason is that scooters give more mileage then cars and in goa, the petrol prices are less so if anyone wants to go around in goa scooter is the best option.

The only downside is that you need to have a smartphone that has GPS (which of course everybody has) and you need someone with you to tell the routes by looking at the GPS.

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